How Can I Get Certified in SAP? SAP 2021 Certifications.

This is a topic that you frequently ask me about: "How can I get certified in SAP?", "What certifications do you recommend?", "How do I prepare a certification?" ... I'm going to try to explain in this post how the situation is right now, although, like everything else, this is feasible to change at any time and the best thing to do is always go and check the source: SAP Global Certification The first thing you should be clear about is why do you want to get certified and what do you…

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Why are IT Certifications Important?

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No one is ever born with programming or cybersecurity skills. It requires years of hard work, study, dedication, and determination to be an expert. When we look at the tech industry, it is one of the most dynamic fields that constantly change, evolve, and develop new norms with time. Therefore, to cope with it, you will need some additional qualifications and certification. So, here we will explain why IT certifications are important? Why IT Certifications are Important Having an IT certification really gives you an advantage over other employees. It means that…

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